Linc, 20 Years Later

Linc reflects on his experience with Gift of Life Northeast Ohio almost 20 years after his open heart surgery.

Linc came to Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital in 2005 for open heart surgery.

Hello, Gift of Life,

My name is Abraham Lincoln Victor Kamau Nyaga from Kenya. I am 22 years old. I am filled with so much happiness and gratitude writing this email to you because of the way you helped me during my open heart surgery journey.

I was a patient at Rainbow Hospital, Cleveland in June 2005. I can never forget the love and care that I received from the doctors and nurses at the hospital. I can’t fail to mention Doctor Honey, the surgeon who performed the successful operation on me. I’m also grateful to Mr. Jim Frame, Mrs. Babra, and Mr. Ken Fogle who took care of my mom and me as their own and never failed to check up on us. They made sure that we had a place to stay, we had something to eat, and that we were fully comfortable.

During my stay at the hospital, Mr. Jim Frame never failed to come and check up on me. He made sure that everything was okay up to the last day when I was discharged. He never stopped following up even after I was discharged. He could call my mum frequently to check up on my progress and that meant a lot to us. I remember the toys he bought for me when we were at the guest house. He was so good to us and I will never forget the love and kindness he showed us.

Mr. Ken Fogle on the other hand was a blessing to us. He hosted my mum and me at his house and provided so much for us. I can’t forget his dog who also loved us and enjoyed having us around. I enjoyed feeding and playing with the dog. Thank you, Mr. Ken. I would also like to recognize Mrs. Babra who was always there for my mum when she felt low and stressed during my surgery. She made us feel at home and never got tired of taking care of us. Thank you Mrs. Babra.

My journey has been so good from the day my operation was done till date. I have grown well, healthy, and strong without having any complications. Looking back at the 3-year-old me who had a heart condition and now at the fully cured 22-year-old me, for sure I am thankful to God and to the Gift of life who made me live again. I went through my Primary School level smoothly attaining good grades and also being the winner of 100-meter race competitions a couple number of times. I managed to go to a good High School and attained a good grade which made it possible for me to study Computer Science at the university level.

Right now I am done with my Diploma in Computer Science seeking to get a job in the future and later continue with my degree level.

I would like to be part of your organization as a volunteer and join in your good work of helping other children with a condition like mine. It would be the best way I can say thank you personally for the good deeds you did for me, my mum, and my family at large.

I have attached a video consisting of some pictures during my stay at Rainbow Hospital and also at Gift of Life.

Thank you, Gift of Life.

Yours sincerely,

Abraham Lincoln Victor Kamau Nyaga.

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